7 Mantras to stay healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences a woman can go through in her life

but it also is one of the toughest and taxing situations any human can go through.

If done wrong it can turn into

a very horrible situation, in this article, you would learn 7 ways ( Few minor and Few

major) that would make your pregnancy successful with the birth of a healthy child and will also help in keeping you healthy as a mother.

1. Don’t miss out on prenatal vitamins – From the days of conceiving it’s essential

that the fetus receives a healthy dose of certain vitamins for fast and proper growth.

The first month of the pregnancy is the time when the baby’s neural cord develops

which later becomes the brain and spinal cord so, nutrients like Folic acid, calcium, and iron

becomes a necessity from the start.

2. Track your weight gain and extra calories counts

During pregnancy you are eating to sustain two lives in your body, so you need to grow

accordingly. Yes, you will gain a few extra kgs during pregnancy to

support the child inside but that doesn’t mean you have to be obese. You can always consult your

doctor and ask about the extra weight you need to put on your body. The Extra calories

you need to take depends on which trimester of the pregnancy you are in and also your

current health status.

3. Eliminate Toxic Substances – Things like alcohol, cigarettes, or any kind of drug

shall not be consumed during the pregnancy period as they are proven

to have harmful effects on the kid.

For Example – Smoking cigarettes might slow down the flow of oxygen to your child.

If you can’t stop the consumption completely you need to inform your doctor, the Doctor

will help you to make the best decision in that scenario.

4. Know when to call the doctor – The Doctor is the best person who can advise you

on anything related to your pregnancy, to be on the safer side call your doctor if you feel any of

these symptoms,

– Pain of any kind

– Strong cramps

– Contractions at 20-minute intervals

– Vaginal bleeding or leaking of fluid

– Dizziness or fainting

– Shortness of breath

– Heart palpitations

– Constant nausea and vomiting

– Trouble walking, edema (swelling of joints)

– Decreased activity by the baby

5. Change your household chores – During pregnancy you need to be extra careful

for what you should do what you should not, yes it’s true that you need to stay active

during pregnancy but you also need to cut down a few things that you do

regularly such as,

– Lifting heavy things

– Climbing ladders

– Working with harsh chemicals like Toliet cleaner, Mosquito killer, etc.

– Working with raw meat and even if you do wash your hands thoroughly.

– Going near kitty litter ( we know you love your cat but during pregnancy,

you have to let someone else clean up its litter to avoid toxoplasmosis)

6. More Water, less sugar, and caffeine – If you drink coffee or tea, choose

decaf. Pick unsweetened options and don’t add sugar. Drink at least 8-10

glasses of water every day during your pregnancy, it would help get rid of my

problems to list a few,

– Constipation

– Hemorrhoids

– UTI’s

– Fatigue

– Swelling

and will support the blood gain in the body

7. Pick New Shoes – Yes! It may sound weird but it’s very necessary to have

comfortable shoes during your pregnancy period as it would lower the risk of fatigue,

foot swelling, flattening of feet caused by the extra weight and can even stop

from retaining extra fluid. So take the opportunity and go shoe shopping.

Above were a few things that you need to do as a mother to have a healthy pregnancy

and a healthy child, but the most important thing to do is do what feels

comfortable to you, because your comfort and health mean a healthy child.

Also whenever in doubt call the experts ASAP.

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