Foods that are good for your heart

The heart is like the engine for our whole body, to keep it running something it needs fine-tuned fuel. Basically, you need to have a well-planned healthy diet that is good for your body. 

But what are the keep components for a healthy diet for your heart? Let’s find out

(In this blog you would find the mention of cholesterol many times, So to understand cholesterol better Read – What’s Cholesterol? and its Impact on your body)

  1. Apple – Yes! As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. They contain fiber that may lower harmful cholesterol.  Eating apples also help prevent blood clots because of a natural anti-inflammatory agent phytochemical called quercetin.
  1. Green leafy vegetables – While being low on calories, leafy greens are packed with compounds that keep your blood pressure that benefit your heart. They are also rich in fiber that helps lower the risk of harmful cholesterol.
  1. Tomatoes  –  If your diet doesn’t have enough tomatoes, you need to add them right now as they are packed with vitamins and are very high in lycopene which full fill your antioxidants needs.
  1. Walnuts – Walnuts are very special they contain monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, and other natural substances like any other nut but they also are a very good source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids helping you keep cholesterol and blood pressure level in check. You can pair walnuts with warm oatmeal along with some honey for a very balanced meal for good heart health
  1. Whole Grains – they vitamins minerals and fiber that help you lower LDL-Cholesterol and triglycerides. And the best choice to have in whole grains is oats because as written in a study mentioned in the American Journal of nutrition, Oats might become the best tool you have to prevent high cholesterol because it contains a very particular soluble fiber called beta-glucan.
  1. Low-fat protein sources –  Here is a very simple way to understand what we mean by low-fat protein sources.

              Skim milk Over Whole Milk

              Skin Less chicken Breast Over Fried Chicken patties

              Boiled eggs over the fried egg

             Things like these you need to keep in mind while picking up the source of protein for your diet.

  1. Fish – Fish is also a very good low-fat protein souse but they have a certain edge over other protein sources that require different mention. Certain fish such as salmon are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-3 acid reduces blood fat called triglycerides. So when going fish shopping look for the fish from cold water as they contain the most amount of Omega-3 acid.
  1. Soy and Soyfoods – Yes this is the low-fat protein source for vegetarians and vegans. With amazing cardiovascular effects that are lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol, it becomes a great choice to incorporate into the diet a few times a week cutting down the saturated fat.

These were the few ways to improve your heart health but you need to keep in mind that you can take all the precautionary actions you want but something band still might happen so the best way to tackle that is to stay prepared so you don’t face any surprises. Visit your doctor regularly and Invest in Prevent Health Checkups.

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