Why Do We Need Preventive Health Checkup?

Health is a relationship between you and your body; keep it sound and safe!

Being healthy is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. The word ‘health’ is an umbrella term that considers the absence of any disease and includes a healthy lifestyle, enough sleep, regular exercise, and avoiding alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or anything similar.

Times have changed, and good health is no more a guarantee. People maintaining quite healthy lifestyles are often diagnosed with critical diseases. This uncertainty has made Preventive Health Care a must for all.

What is Preventive Health Checkup AKA PHC?

Preventive Health Checkup is a series of tests designed to detect any illness that could be a potential threat to your life in the time ahead. These tests not just recognize the disease but minimize its risks as well.

Prevention is better than cure!

Studies across the globe have shown that preventive health checkups are economical and less distressing. Moreover, it informs you beforehand about budding health issues before they become grave and require exorbitant treatments.

Benefits of Preventive Health Check-ups

Counting the benefits of Preventive Health Checkups is similar to peeling an onion. The advantages of Preventive Health Checkups are plenty in number. 

  • It evaluates your chances of falling prey to diseases. 
  • PHC’s are a valuable and reliable source of health education, as you know about your body’s wellness.
  • You remain untouched from the distress of painful symptoms and medical treatments.
  • If the results detect any kind of illness, you have the upper hand. Early consultation will cure your disease. 
  • PHC’s are highly cost-effective. You cut costs on sudden, costly emergency treatments.  
  • With the help of preventive health checkups, you actively participate in your health care and well being.

Who requires Preventive Health Checkup?

Diseases don’t have your birth certificates. Preventive Health Checkup is uniformly important for all age groups. Growing sedentary lifestyles, increasing stress levels at the workplace and tempting junk food on the streets have brought us all under the umbrella of high risk. Hence Preventive Health Checkup is mandatory for youngsters and the elderly as well. The tests may differ from gender to gender but skipping it is not an option. 

The only difference lies in the variety of tests done. There are different test packages for those in their 30’s, 50’s, 60’s or above. Preventive Health Checkups should be done once every year. 

With so many options available for Preventive Health Checkups, it is an overwhelming task to zero down on any one of them. My Health Advisor cares for its users; we have saved you the pain of researching for best preventive health checkup options by opening one for you people.

Preventive Health Checkup is no more a tedious task. Follow these steps for your booking today.

  1. Search and companion for best rates and feedback: Health is important to all, but it has to be pocket-friendly. At My Health Advisor, you can search for the best rates with authentic feedback to help you in the process.
  1. Trouble-free booking: You do not have to stay on those long calls or in a queue outside diagnostic centres. You can book a checkup today with just a click.
  1. Doorstep sample collection: In these trying times stepping out of your home is the last thing you want to do. We at My Health Advisor care for your safety and therefore have arranged the facility of hygienic and hassle-free doorstep collection.
  1. Industry-leading smart sample transportation: The collected samples are safely transported to the desired labs.
  1. Sample received at the nearest desired lab: Your sample is received by the lab nearest and desirable to you.
  1. Precision based high-quality tests: The samples received are examined by well qualified and experienced pathologists. 
  1. Smart e-reports: The results of your tests will reach you via email, saving you the energy to step out.
  1. Hassle-free further consultation: Although we wish for your sound health, if there is any need for a consultation, My Health Advisor will be happy to help you.
  1. Cyclic reminders: We count you as our family and care for you like one. Our communication does not end with your consultation; rather, it is just the beginning. My Health Advisor will give you reminders for your regular tests and measures.

Early detection coupled with a few lifestyle changes can go a long way in preventing and curing many diseases, enabling people to enjoy a better quality of life. After all, prevention is the best prescription for a healthy and long life. Your health is our priority. Book your appointment today and get one step closer to leading a healthy life.

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